Behaviour Support Clinician

Born on the Welsh/English border, Ben has resided in various locales throughout the UK and overseas. His diverse life experiences have guided him to where he is today. His career history is as varied as his residences, with stints in the armed forces, has been trained as a chef and has worked in the construction and mining industry as a tunnelling engineer.

Recently, Ben completed his university studies and is now stepping into the arena of mental health and behavioural support. He aligns with the philosophy of existentialism and lives by the personal mantra: “do your best until you can do better.

Positive Behaviour Support aligns with Ben‘s approach, he is dedicated to actively engaging with individuals, focused on enhancing their quality of life. His method involves direct interaction in everyday environments, allowing for a deeper understanding of the individual’s needs. Ben emphasizes the importance of staying current with the latest research, scientific methods, and evidence-based practices to ensure the highest level of service. His commitment to identifying meaningful insights and adding value underscores the strength he
brings to his profession. In the realm of mental health and
behavioural support.