Engage Psychology provides positive behaviour support, assessment, and therapeutic intervention for children and adults who are living with a disability. We are an NDIS registered provider, and we can provide guidance and support with the process of accessing treatment under the NDIS.

With a wealth of experience working with people who have a disability, both in a forensic and community setting, our Psychologists can assist with assessing individuals, informing strengths based treatment plans, and positive behaviour support.

The focus on improving the quality of life of people living with a disability guides the assessment and therapeutic intervention process.

Behaviour Support

Our practice has psychologists and social workers who have specialised behaviour support training. The main goal of behaviour support is to improve the client’s quality of life. A secondary benefit is the reduction of challenging behaviours. This is possible by identifying the cause of challenging behaviour, and identification of a behaviour that will act as a ‘replacement’ to the cause of the challenging behaviour.

Our specialist behaviour clinicians are trained to conduct assessments and develop behaviour support plans, to assist people who have a disability to improve their quality of life, and reduce challenging behaviour. We are also able to provide training to those who care for the person who has the disability.

For comprehensive information about the NDIS, visit the NDIS website