A Mental Health Care Plan can be obtained from your GP to help cover the cost of therapy. A Mental Health Care Plan enables you to access six sessions of therapeutic intervention. Following the six sessions, a review will be undertaken and another four sessions may be available if a need has been identified. A gap-fee is the difference between the Medicare rebate and the cost of therapy. The gap-fee for therapy is:

$63.50 per 50 minute session

$49.05 per 30 minute session

For those wishing to access therapy without a Mental Heath Care Plan in place, please contact us for the fee schedule.

Fee Negotiation and Bulk Billing

At Engage Psychology, we believe that all Australians should have access to high quality mental health care. For this reason, for people who are experiencing financial difficulties, we are able to negotiate a lower fee. For people experiencing significant financial hardship, we have allocated a proportion of our appointments for no-gap fee clients. This means that we may be able to provide therapeutic intervention to clients, with no out of pocket expense. To find out about these no-gap fee appointments, or to discuss a lower fee, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Engage Psychology is a registered NDIS provider. If you would like to discuss services available under your NDIS plan, please contact us.


Fees for assessment vary. This is because each client has different needs and we do not administer unnecessary tests. It is for this reason that we don’t have a set battery of tests or a set fee.

Generally, Medicare rebates are not available for assessments. If you are interested in our assessment services, please contact us with your specific needs and we can provide a quote.