Engage Psychology is able to provide services for people living with autism spectrum disorder.  Our dedicated team can assist with assessment and diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and even group programs.


The assessment process is a two-step process.  We begin with an interview and a brief autism screening tool, which is completed by at least two respondents (one parent / carer, and an external respondent such as a teacher or day care worker).  Based on these results, we can then decide whether to proceed to full assessment using the ADOS-2.

Therapeutic Intervention

Therapy for people living with autism is tailored to each individual person’s needs.  Often, therapy may include emotion regulation skills (anger, frustration, anxiety), social skills training, and assisting parents with managing behavioural factors.

Group Work

Engage Psychology is pleased to offer groups for children living with autism.  We offer the following groups from time to time:

Secret Agent Society (for children aged 8 – 12 years)

Cool Connections (for children aged 11-14 years)