Our practice has a dedicated Behaviour Support team.  Comprising psychologists, social workers, and behaviour specialists. The team work collaboratively together for the best outcomes for our clients.

What is Positive Behaviour Support?

The main goal of behaviour support is to improve the client’s quality of life.  A secondary benefit is the reduction of challenging behaviours.  This is made possible by identifying the cause of challenging behaviour, and identification of a behaviour that will act as a ‘replacement’ to the cause of the challenging behaviour.

Why do people display challenging behaviours?

Challenging behaviours are often a result of an unmet need, and when we view a behaviour as a form of communication, we get clues as to why a person behaves in a certain way.  As behaviour support clinicians, we always ask ourselves… WTF… “What’s The Function”?  Once we understand the function of a behaviour, we can then think about how we might meet the client’s need in a more helpful way.

How is Behaviour Support done?

Our specialist behaviour clinicians are trained to conduct assessments and develop behaviour support plans, to assist people who have a disability, to improve their quality of life, and reduce challenging behaviour.  This process includes interviewing, observing, and equipping those who care for the client to also collect data.  This data informs the clinician about the function of the challenging behaviours.  Once a plan has been written, the we are then able to provide training to those who care for the client.  This may include training for parents, service providers, schools, and workplaces.